Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 VPC (2009 Edition) out

If you're involved on Microsoft CRM demonstration activities, certainly you've a VPC ready to use. Preparing a good VPC environment (will all the features and "gadgets" installed) is not a simple step and it requires lots of time and resources.

Fortunately Microsoft help us and, starting from the CRM 3.0 release, they release a complete Virtual PC environment every n months.

Today the last release for CRM 4.0: the 2009 edition of the CRM 4.0 VPC.

What I think it's really interesting in this VPC image is the complete installation of all the CRM Accelerators actually available... a great way to demonstrate how you can extend Microsoft CRM and how you can integrate it with other applications.

Today we are releasing the 2009 edition of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 VPC. This VPC enables you to demonstrate the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 using a single PC or laptop computer. This is just not simply a a VPC with only CRM installed, we’ve included all of the accelerators, dashboards, showing of document management capabilities, build out great demo scripts and much more!

image image

The CRM VPC is available to partners on Partner Source and it is also available on VM Express.

P.S. Remember the "bad side": The VPC is time bombed and will expire on August 12th, 2010.

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