December 2007 Entries

Happy New Year 2008!

Once again, an year is at the end and another is ready to start. 2007 was an year full of new projects and 2008 will be mainly the year of my personal "life project". With this blog during the years I've met some fantastic people and learned many wonderful things from everyone of you. So... thank you and Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you all the wonderful things!

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The gain below Office Systems Applications

In these last months I had the chance to increase my knowledge around the Office System 2007 platform and I've started to propose solutions to big customers (Sharepoint and MOSS are consuming lots of my daily hours :P ). I see every day that there's a wrong concept around the Office System family: customers thinks that Office is only a productivity suite. A terrible error!! Today with Office System 2007 we have a great collabouration and cooperation platform that can be adaptable to every business needs and that covers also the "last mile" of an IT business: making the business...

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Visual Studio 2008 and XML

Visual Studio 2008 adds lots of new functions for working with XML files and one of the feature that I love is absolutely the new XML Literal support. If you're together a VB.NET and a C# developer and you've worked with XML manipulation, you've discovered that VB.NET permits you to do something cool things like this: You can immediately paste an XML document inside your code, without to be forced to use structures like XElement, XAttribute in order to declare an XML. The power of VB! C# doesn't have this feature, but today by reading Lorenzo Barbieri's...

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"Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV": a brief review

About one month ago I was pleased to be contacted by Packt Publishing in order to give a review of their last book about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The book is "Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV" by David Studebaker and this is one of the few books that talks about developing with Dynamics NAV. This is a 460 page book (11 chapters) that covers the needs of developers that are starting to approach the NAV development to developers that are experts on NAV development but want to know more. It starts to introduce the Application Design concepts inside NAV, then...

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Merry Christmas!

This year my best wishes comes directly via my Pocket. I wish you a wonderful christmas... all the best for you!

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Do you want to learn and test LINQ?

One of the hottest feature that comes with Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 is certainly LINQ, the new .NET component that adds native data querying capabilities to the .NET language, by using a SQL-like sintax. LINQ has threemain providers: LINQ to Objects: the LINQ to Objects provider is used for querying in-memory collections, using the local query execution engine of LINQ. The code generated by this provider refer the implementations of the standard query operators as defined in the Sequence class and allows IQueryable<T> collections to be queried locally. LINQ to Objects is not dynamic. Once...

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Microsoft CRM 4.0 hits RTM

The announce was on the air and Michael Lu (I was pleased to meet him in Microsoft Italy some months ago) has revealed it: started from 14th of December, Microsoft CRM 4.0 is officially RTM and the bits will be available in the next days via the standard channels, such as MSDN. The new CRM era is started... plan to upgrade your old CRM 3.0 systems as soon as possible! Technorati Tag: Dynamics CRM

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A nice Geocoding sample

Displaying a list of customers on a map in order to track the best road to reach them is always a great application to show on some demo scenarios. Daniel Walzenbach has make a great work by publishing a complete sample application that permits you to use Virtual Earth services in order to transform a list of addresses into latitude/longitude values and display them on a map. Give it a view... Technorati Tag: .NET,ASP.NET

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OBA and Microsoft Dynamics

In these days we're really busy to work with Microsoft on a future tour where we'll show the power of the integrations between Microsoft Dynamics and what is called the "Microsoft classic" world. One of the key point of this future tour is in my opinion what is called OBA, alias Office Business Applications. In order to undertand the potential of OBA, start with this picture: OBAs connect Line of Business (LOB) systems with the people that use them through the familiar user interface of Microsoft Office. OBAs enable businesses to extend the Microsoft Office clients and servers...

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