We'll live in an RSS era?

At the last GnomeDex Microsoft has announced its plans to build a new platform totally centered around RSS.

The first screenshots when've seen about IE7 are only a little curiosity about what will be a great project. All of us already known that IE7 will fully support RSS feeds integration but the power of what Microsoft has in mind is that RSS will be the key for a new "Windows RSS platform", where feeds list, sinchronizations, subscriptions etc. will be managed from the OS itself.

We'll see a new way to share informations? What is sure is that we'll see a new platform with a revolutionary built-in notification system. The tecnologies that we have now available to share informations on the net we'll be available also on the local machine.

The MS idea of a big collabourative system is growing and I love this more versatile Windows that is on the air...

Print | posted on Saturday, June 25, 2005 3:01 PM