Sometimes Navision hurts me...

There are some things that I really hate when developing with Navision and this is one of this...

Navision debugger is not one of the best and friendly debugger that you can see (if you are like me and you work a lot with VS.NET debugger, you'll find this terrible! ) and sometimes to check problems on my applications I love placing message box to evaluate variables and trace execution (often I do the same with Visual Studio).

With Visual Studio .NET you've no problem by doing this... if you place a message box on a loop (maybe with lots of iterations) and you want to stop the execution, you can do it easily. And with Navision?

With Navision, you don't have the possibility to stop execution!! If you place a debug message box on a loop and you want to stop the execution, you're forced to kill the environment. Bleah!

Usually I try to avoid these situations, but sometimes they can occour... here's my last pain:

I was debugging an application that retrieves data from a DB, works on it and print a report. On the data retrieval loop I've placed a debug message box:

Unfortunately the loop was too long and I want to stop the execution. How can you do it? CTRL+ALT+CANC, Task Manager, select your Navision process and kill it.

I think that a feature to stop the execution is a necessity for the future... but someone of the core staff will never bring these inputs?

Print | posted on Friday, June 17, 2005 11:24 AM