Free little tools to improve your Visual Studio

This is a tool that I want to signal because it can help to increase productivity...

DPack is a FREE collection of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2005 tools, designed to greatly increase developer's productivity, automate repetitive processes and expand upon some of the Visual Studio features.

DPack includes various browser tools that allow the developer to quickly narrow the search down to a particular class, method or assembly type, it includes greatly enhanced numbered bookmarks feature, various code navigation tools as well streamlined surround with feature, and much more.

My favourites:

Code Navigation: you can jump between code elements (methods or classes) with just a click.

Surround With: this feature allows you to paste one of the most commonly used code constructs (such as iterations or conditional code) into the currently opened source file:

Numbered Bookmarks: nice feature that allows you to set bookmarks on your code and recall them by number (or by a keyboard shortcuts):

Solution Backup: an easy and quick way to perform backups of your solutions file (also for distributions):


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