An idea: Knoppix Linux "Live CD" with Mono

I want to keep up the great idea that comes from John Galloway: why not building a Knoppix Linux "Live CD" with Mono?

I think it could be a great idea, expecially for programmers who wants to try the power of Mono but don't want to install and configure a complete Linux system.

What I want in a Linux / Mono Live CD? Personally, I'd like to have a cd like the actual Knoppix version (with KDE and all the programming tools) and maybe I'll eliminate the StarOffice suite for a webserver like Apache up and running and a database (maybe MySql?). Also Wine could be an interesting tool to add.

A great idea to start with Mono programming and try .NET also on other platforms. Great idea John!

Print | posted on Thursday, June 03, 2004 3:23 PM